Hello, there! I'm Kate, a thirty-something wife to one and mom to two doing life in the great fly-flyover state of South Dakota. I own approximately 20 pairs of black leggings and I’ll wow you in a crewneck sweatshirt any day of the week. I’m a sarcasm-loving, Starbucks guzzling type of girl with an inappropriately loud laugh that makes you feel like you’ve known me forever. We’ll be good friends, I promise!

My style..

My style is emotional, romantic, and ethereal. My images are deep and rich, splashed in the sun of the last few hours of the day. Together we’ll create artwork that’s classic and timeless while evoking real, raw emotion and beautiful vulnerability — I’m not about traditional portraiture. I love the details, the snuggles, and that perfect moment right before a knee-weakening kiss. I want to create images that make you feel the love you have for your babe, your babies, or your bump.

Well, that's me-

Now that you know who I am and what I'm about, let's chat about your wedding day, due date, or newborn baby! I’ll bring the coffee and you bring your dreams. Let’s make some magic!